Our Apple Butter is made from farm fresh apples that are grown locally in the Kansas City metro area.  Apple season is in the Autumn, and nothing goes better on a fresh baked loaf of Beer Bread than this perfect tasting Apple Butter.

This tropical jam goes great on ice cream and peanut butter sandwiches.  You might not have heard of banana jam before – but we promise it’s worth a try! Disclaimer: Bananas don’t really grow in Kansas – so the bananas are not local.

Black Berry jam is a classic and long time favorite. Our Black Berry jam will warm a small part of your soul… well, maybe not – but it is really good! Most of our jam fans like this classic on toast and waffles. But, feel free to try it however you like.

Blueberry Jam is one of our personal favorites. Sweet, smooth, and a bit tart – this jam goes well on about anything. We recommend it on pancakes or warm biscuits – but we bet you’ll like it on whatever you put it on (except your clothing)!

What is better on a summer morning than peaches? Peach jam! This fresh and sweet tasting jam is great for any season! However, we can only get the peaches when they are in season.  If you’re into fresh and sweet jams this one is for you!

Our Red Raspberry Jam is another favorite. This is the jam we usually give to family members and friends for Christmas… and it doesn’t last too long among children and adults alike.  Best to order multiple jars of this jam!

An immediate hit with everyone that has tried it… our Sand Plum jam is sweet, sour, and pretty ‘jammin’ good! This is great with creme cheese or  on PB&J sandwiches. We get the sand plums from Oklahoma.

Strawberry has been a long time choice among our jam fans. We get our strawberries locally from farmer’s markets and guarantee their freshness. Try our strawberry jam on ice cream, sandwiches, and even pastries or cake!